A Brand Called you

A brand called you

Establishing your own personal brand
A good personal brand is a LIFE STRATEGY, because unlike businesses, corporations, and consumer brands, your personal brand is with you FOR LIFE. We help you refine every aspect of you and your work to make people perceive you in a better light.



To make Professionals become personal brands Participants will be able to understand the need to create an identity of their own that they resonate with. They will walk out more confident about who they are and how to project the right image in front of others so that they are known for who they are and what they believe in.
The module includes introspection of where I want to go, to what is holding me back. It also covers how I can change the perception about me with me being my authentic self.What is Personal Branding
The ‘Ultimate Success’ Formula
The 3 pillars of Personal Branding
Why and How Me as a Brand
Foundation Stones of a Confident YOU
Identifying my self- image
Identifying my self- image – Questionnaire
Identifying my limiting Beliefs
Iceberg of Behaviour
Removing beliefs that do not work for me
My beliefs – The language I speak
Setting Aspirations Goals
Setting aspirational goals
Wheel of Life
Knowing my core values – What I stand for
Image Management (Im) Quotient Questionnaire
Powerful Communication – 3 Vs
3 Tools for managing personal image – Clothes, etiquette and body language

What we cover?

What is Personal Branding, The ‘Ultimate Success’ Formula, The 3 pillars of Personal Branding, Why and How Me as a Brand, Foundation Stones of a Confident YOU (Identifying my self- image, Identifying my self- image – Questionnaire, Identifying my limiting Beliefs, Iceberg of Behaviour, Removing beliefs that do not work for me, My beliefs – The language I speak), Setting Aspirations Goals, ( Wheel of Life, Knowing my core values – What I stand for), Image Management (Im) Quotient Questionnaire, Powerful Communication – 3 Vs, 3 Tools for managing personal image – Clothes, etiquette and body language, Creating Powerful and Lasting Impressions ( Why impressions, Presenting oneself according to place, objective, people and time, Understanding the Style Scale : Indian & Western, Wearing Clothes as per the Style Scale, Wearing appropriate accessories, Using various platforms to brand – Digital and non –digital. When to use what and how – (Facebook and Linked In)), Co-creating brands – aligning with the branding of the organization / team/ groups.

What is the duration of this program?

It is a 2 day program.

The pedagogics :

  • Power point presentation
  • Demonstrations
  • Discussion
  • Activities
  • Games

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