The Global Professional

The global professional

A way to improve your professional skill
No matter how you define professionalism, it is an important aspect of the business world and a necessary component. Etiquette is a set of unwritten rules that apply to social situations, professional workplaces and relationships. So learning Etiquettes is very important. This program helps you become more professional.



• Appreciate diversity• Create powerful first impressions

• Display the appropriate business and dining etiquette

• Act appropriately in different global environments

• Adapt style of communication depending of different Global cultures

In today’s fast pace ever shrinking world, you need to be adaptable, flexible and sensitive to the diversity at the workplace.
The diversity could be cultural, gender, ethnic or any other form.
In order for you to succeed at your workplace, you employees must be able to appreciate and celebrate those differences.

What is the duration of this program?

It is a 2 day program.

The pedagogics :

  • Power point presentation
  • Demonstrations
  • Discussion
  • Activities
  • Games

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