The Exclusive one to one Coaching
For a completely personal, in-depth and confidential look at your specific issues. Nandita recommends a high level one to one coaching. From preparing you to be able to create a brand around you or handle a crucial presentation, to developing your interpersonal skills or helping you with confidence and self-esteem issues. Our individual work is powerful ,comprehensive and quick.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Self Employed Professionals
  • Working Women
  • House Wives
  • Who ever wants to Come out of their existing issues for a better future.

What are the Key Benefits?

  • Overcome obstacles in business and professional life
  • Develop the know how to tackle crisis
  • Become aware of the practical and real life scenarious
  • Prepare self for Winning the game
  • Achieve success in all the goals

Skill Set Required


What's Specially Covered in Metamorphosis?

The intervention will depend on the brief given by the client and the first meeting with the candidate – Session Zero. The exact course of action, session details and the investment required will be given post Session Zero. Following will be the subsequent sessions in general.


What is Personal Branding?

4 Pillars of Personal Branding

MRE- Managing Relations effectively- simply this is what Life is.

Value Perception – What are my values

Image Management Questionnaire

Self- Image Questionnaire

Client Need Analysis and Lifestyle Analysis

A fine understanding through some processes of your current lifestyle and how your current clothing is either suiting it or causing an ‘Image or Perspective deficit’. We Here we will understand and analyze your life style and map it on a grid to understand how to allocate a budget percentage wise to your Clothing needs to make maximum impact.

Personal Style Evaluation

Introduction, understanding & application of Elements of Design- Line, Shape, Colour, Texture & Pattern and how tweaking any one of them you can alter the communication you want to give out.

Personal Colour Evaluation: An interesting process and findings- Evaluate your Personal Colours and how to use these to ACCENTUATE your Clothing Communication.

We will use this analysis when we eventually device a Communication strategy for you. We will keep in mind your PERSONAL STYLE also when we use colour to change communication.

Grooming tips for creating a powerful impression. The face shape will also be evaluated

Branding on Social Media – Feedback

Feedback on your digital presence and how to brand yourself on Social media and networking events to attract more speaker assignments and popularity. It includes strategies to brand online and offline using the ones that would be most effective

Create a personal website

Write blogs and articles to promote the individual

Specialist Sessions

A session with the following specialists:


Fitness Instructor




Speech Sessions

Public Speaking

Public Etiquette Sessions

Personal Shopping @ Mall/ Online

A personal Stylist will recommend clothes for you and will also provide sites where you can purchase online.

In addition, we can send a personal shopper to help you buy your clothes for you.

Personal Styling

A personal stylist will help you with hairstyle keeping in mind your face shape

Final Outcome

Just like each individual is different, we understand the uniqueness of each profession. Hence, we build a holistic branding strategy – both online and offline around you and your profession. For Political leaders, along with the personal branding, the key area we focus on is the mapping of the voter-profiles. We customize all the branding activities based on this requirement. Similarly, for models and aspiring models, the focus will be more on working with PR agencies. The customisation is applicable across professions like doctors, lawyers, established entrepreneurs, start ups and employees. The key is to focus on the niche and tap the market accordingly.

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Amar Bohra & Dr.Sriram

Dr. Latha Krishna

Nandita is brilliant and very knowledgeable. I have attended a few training programs but this is the best and one close to my heart. It was a personalized training program. My expectations were met.

– Moin Razack (Entrepreneur)

Moin Razack (Entrepreneur)

I was as fortunate to invest 2 days with Nandita Pandey, who is factory of courage and confidence. It made me introspect on many aspects of my external and internal image of which Iwas unaware or not bothered at all but which is very key aspects of life. At the end of workshop, I will say I paid for an economy ticket and got to travel by charter flight.

                        – Amar Bohra (Entrepreneur)

Amar Bohra (Entrepreneur)