Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership

Unleash the power within
This program helps you to create massive change in yourself, no matter what stage you are at, it will awaken something within you that has likely been dormant. This will help you to charge up and be confident to face the real challenges of life, and not give up, or stay depressed. It is to achieve self-improvement and personal growth.



1. Accept yourself the way you are 1. Identify the Unique You
2. Get clarity and conviction on their vision and mission 2. Break your fears
3. Apply the clarity to all the roles in life 3. Clear Emotional & Energy Blockages
4. Push themselves to achieve your aspiration goal 4. Lead a balanced and happy life
5. Achieve higher level of personal excellence 5. Move faster towards your Goal
6. Give direction and Purpose
7. Focus on Results
8. Increase Circle of Influence

What is the duration of this program?

It is a 3 day program.

The pedagogics :

  • Power point presentation
  • Demonstrations
  • Discussion
  • Activities
  • Games

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