There is nothing interesting about looking perfect- you lose the point. You want what you are wearing to say something about you. About who you are. -Emma Watson

Trump’s Triumph! Talking of personal branding and being a brand how can we forget talking about Donald Trump the current and 45th President of United States Of America. The businessman turned politician is now in the driving seat. It took a lot for him to get into the Whitehouse and control the steering wheel of the US. There is something about Donald Trump that made him a Brand. So here are a few tips on personal branding that helped Trump in grabbing the throne. Be Confident:Trump has always been a confident personality. His quality of addressing people with confidence and the ability to make people believe in him is the key ingredient that’s required to win.

Be Authentic: Trump is known for talking without sugar coating things. He speaks whatever comes to his mind. His opinions maybe offensive but he does not climb down from his beliefs and ideas. To be successful authenticity is an imperative trait one most possess.

Be Recognizable: Trump has always managed to create a niche in the headlines. He coined a slogan- Make America Great Again. Be it debate shows, talk shows he kept people talk about him. All of this helped people recognize him and people follow what they recognize. Keep doing things that help people recognize you positively.

Avoid Excuses: Trump could make it to the finish line because he did not believe in excuses. No political experience being one of them. Excuses fetch only pity, not respect. Keep this golden rule in mind and you will be able to reach the top. Present results and people will believe in you. “Winners don’t make excuses, they make results”.

Discrimination and racism concept. Silhouettes of hands stop woman on the sunset background[/caption] Like Donald Trump made it to the finish line, you too can do it if you follow these simple tips.