There is nothing interesting about looking perfect- you lose the point. You want what you are wearing to say something about you. About who you are. -Emma Watson

Just like any other day I was scrolling through the news feed on facebook and I saw links for images of Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif’s airport fashion. Out of curiosity I opened the link and a thought went through my mind. What on earth makes them look perfect all the time? I mean everything is just flawless and according to the event. Not more not less. So, I just Googled it. And I came to know something I had been unaware about all my life.

“Image Consultants” was the term for those who manage rather make sure that the image of the client is consistent with their personal, social or professional roles. Basically, they are artists, artists who have mastered the art of building image. This whole concept made me more inquisitive. I wanted to know more about it. Image consultants help their clients with their appearance, body language, etiquette, personal style. A person obviously has to sparkle both from outside and within. And that is what image consultants do.

Why do we need Image Consultants?

Well the answer to this is obvious, because they help to build image! But there is more to it. Image is a huge concept consisting of soft skills, appearance and a lot more. A firm’s image is backed by the image of the CEO. Just being educated is sometimes not enough. Our clothes speak a lot about us. I read somewhere that- “in first 5 seconds your image influences the people you meet” which is indeed true. When people go out on dates they make sure they look good top to bottom. Why so? Because they want to create an “Impression”. Which clearly indicates that our dress up plays a major role in the impression making part. Our fashion sense should be updated timely like the google apps. A good looking, well dressed person would look ugly if he/she lacks etiquette or soft skills. That is the time when all the hard work done on dressing up will go in vain. Our body language needs to be proper. It conveys a lot about us without the need to speak. A good handshake is one example! When we speak our accent, proper encoding, content- tells all that someone would want to know about us. People will listen to you if you have a command over language and the right content. So, all the factors from dressing up to soft skills to etiquette to good communication skills go hand in hand and for that we need Image Consultants. When we get on a certain platform we too become a brand. And a brand needs image- good packaging, good quality and the brand will sell more.

So yes Image doesn’t cost, it pays!