One Little Incident Can Cost Your Entire Reputation

“IndiGo staff manhandle passenger at Delhi airport” read the newspaper’s headlines

Although there was a series of blame games and apologies but there was now a spot on the image of IndiGo which is hard to vanish! Just because of someone, the brand suffered. Now is the time of “New Media”. People put their opinions through public posts, tweets etc. which gathers the attention of many.

Anger Control: The catalyst to a tarnished reputation is anger. This is usually the key factor behind a brand’s image getting into a ditch. Always remember the decisions taken in anger are usually repented later. Whenever someone pushes your button, just take a deep breath. It is obviously easier said than done but the results will be miraculous.

This law of image tarnishing does not only apply to “brands”, but also applies to every individual as a brand. We are a brand too. Our image in the market matters. One wrong step and its gone! So here are some steps you can follow to avoid a bad reputation.

Choice of Words: Think twice before you speak up. Think whatever you are about to say isn’t ambiguous or it doesn’t hurt someone’s sentiments. Best way to know is to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and analyse the receiver’s perspective. You’ll avoid more than half of the problems/controversies.

So, these were two very basic ideas which we mostly skip in our daily routine. Make it a part of your routine until both of them become your habit. There will be a visible change in how people will change/build opinion about you.

It takes 20 years to build your reputation and 5 minutes ruin it. If you think about that you will do things differently