To Do list for Success

In this era of competition, success is not easy to achieve. For every field, post, job etc. there is a cut throat competition. Every person nowadays aspires to be an all-rounder. And why not, this is what a well groomed person is all about. Nowadays CEOs are not only good at academics but also are good players, readers and maybe photographers etc. One person now possesses lots of skills to get to the finish line.

Parents nowadays put their kids into extra-curricular activities, so that the child excels in future. But that’s not all that’s needed to reach to the top. There are certain things that are not a part of the curriculum, but very important for any person to know and do to be a well groomed individual. Here are 7 things one must do, that are the stepping stones to success.

Here are a few challenges that I faced-

  1. Gravitas- To be able to perform at a senior level, one needs to develop his/her gravitas. To gain the 2 facets of Gravitas i.e. Wisdom and Power, one must work hard to gain knowledge. Also keep in mind the way you talk to people around you, good communication helps in good connections, which is also a part of gravitas.
  2. Be a student for life- You may be a CEO of a company, but never stop being a student. Be humble enough to observe and learn from people around. Keep looking for opportunities to become a listener and a student. Join workshops, seminars, webinars etc. and these will keep you updated. No matter what age or position you are at, skills require continuous up gradation. You will always need new techniques to conquer new competition. Not only through workshops, a keen observer and learner can always learn from little things around.
  3. Have a vision- Always have a clear vision about what you want in life, about your goals and how will you reach them. You will reach nowhere if you do not have clear visions. Life’s functioning is very similar to that of a company. Just like a company requires a vision, a purpose; so does life, but people tend to be ignorant about this fact. Having a vision makes it simpler to analyze the steps to be taken in a particular direction. Life becomes way more sorted because your steps become meaningful and directed.
  4. Learn the art of letting go- Nothing and no one in this world is indispensible. It is our weak mind that makes them so. You don’t need people in life you give you negativity or are jealous of your growth. Learn to stay away from people who cause discomfort in your life. It may hurt initially but once if you let go all the negativity around you, life becomes a lot simpler. Never hold onto something that holds you back.
  5. Build relationships- Have a feeling of building healthy, cordial and smooth relationships with people. Relationships made for a purpose don’t last long. If you plan to surround yourself with positive and loving people, first you’ll have to be one. Good relationship with people makes you feel good about yourself and also helps you grow. Grow not only as an individual but also in terms of a brand!
  6. Respect money- Anyone can be rich but not everyone can handle it. It is imperative for one to respect money. If you keep throwing away the money you earn, one day you’ll run out of it. Always save before you spend. Invest your money and secure your future, you never know what’s coming. Financial independence is not limited to earning and spending, it is when you know the art to spend and save. It is rightly said- if you buy things you don’t need, you’ll have to sell things you need. Start saving and investing!
  7. Give yourself that “me time”- Spare sometime for yourself. From the time you get out of your bed, all that you do is for someone else and not you. You go to work because you need to support the family, you run around completing tasks on time because your boss wants it, run around in the kitchen because your family wants good food. Each thing we do, we do it for others. Spare at least half an hour for doing something you like to do. It can be singing, painting, playing a guitar or anything but give yourself the privilege of me time.