How to become “Queen of Discourse”


Do you wonder which are the most deadliest weapons present on earth? Surely someone would come up with things like 'atomic bombs ' but there is one weapon which can create havoc or if used wisely can result in magical outcomes and these precious instruments are none other than 'WORDS '. These instruments have the capability to stop an impending doom or to start one.

You must be wondering what has 'words' to do with women empowerment ? The connection between the two is direct and absolute because we know that "Pen is mightier than sword " .

We as women look down upon ourselves when it comes to physical strength but let me remind you ladies there is nothing more powerful than wise words. Ask yourself what made the Britishers leave India? We all know the answer. They were wise words spoken at the right occasion. Your words are what connects your inner world to your outside . There is nothing more charismatic than a powerful conversation. 'To adopt the correct art of conversation', is the first step you take towards success.

Let us first see the wonders of having good conversational skills:

  1. It will boost you up with self confidence.
  2. Your opinion will be respected by all.
  3. It will create a powerful aura around you.
  4. You will start attracting people as bees swarm around hive.
  5. Power of convincing will come automatically to you.
  6. You will be showered with opportunities.
  7. Most importantly you will gain a voice and for a woman, having a voice of our own is the very first step towards empowerment.

Here are few things which if followed can transform us into 'Queens of Discourse'.

  1. Always speak less than you know. Never speak for gaining appreciation.
  2. Don't overload your speech with ornamental words.keep it short and simple. Adopt brevity.
  3. Don't ever make a show of wit .
  4. Bring variety to your speech. Work on your general knowledge.
  5. Don't monopolize the conversation. Allow others to speak as well.
  6. Make others feel comfortable in your presence. Allow them to be their true selves in front of you.
  7. Never be judgmental of others opinion.
  8. learn the art of discussion and discard argumentation.
  9. Be a good listener.
  10. Speak as per the need of the occasion.
  11. Use appropriate pauses.
  12. learn the art of silence.
  13. Be yourself when you speak and speak what you believe in.
  14. Intermingle your ideas with sense of humor.
  15. Learn to differentiate between bitterness and saltiness of speech.
  16. Be critical of what others say but don't attach emotions to it.
  17. Don't speak things you have not experienced yet. Have clarity of thoughts.
  18. Don't ever comment on one 's religious and political beliefs.
  19. Develop mindfulness .
  20. Use digressions to grab attention, observe people and try to probe inside their psyche.
  21. In conversation avoid the extremes of forwardness and reserve.
  22. Conversation should touch everything but should concentrate itself on nothing. It must be like an open field.

Great success stories come with great people and great people come with great thoughts and expression. We don't need a strong physique to show our strength but make conversation your weapon which can slay as many hearts which a sword cannot do. Remember this always the word 'Empowerment' means rediscovering something which is already inside of you and not adding something from outside. It is the discovery of power within you. Let  your words be your power. Make your voice heard!