Silent Flowers


Silent flowers!! It is said that silence is a true wisdom’s best reply, it is a source of great strength , it is the sleep that nourishes wisdom , silence is the most beautiful sound but when the same silence crushes your voice, makes your existence meaningless and when the same silence like an overpowering tide engulfs your deepest cries then there is nothing painful in the world as silence which destroys not your body but your soul.

We women have been the most vulnerable victims of this monster named silence. Through ages silence is feeding upon our voices that we have forgotten our true nature and many of us have made silence our new voice.

Then suddenly comes a time when we accidentally discover a voice within us and have started the propaganda of women empowerment. At last , in the 21st century we see women are trying to restore their original voice which is manifesting itself in the form of movements like “ME Too “ . The fundamental question which forms the foundation of such steps is how to strike a balance between the masculine and the feminine .

For this we must realize that male and female are just manifestations of either masculine or feminine being present in an enhanced way. I am a young lady but that doesn't apply that my father doesn't exist within me. The fundamental step towards equality is to first strike a balance between our feminine and masculine energy within us first followed by society . Masculine energy manifests itself in form of physical strength , sports , aggression , economics , technology etc while the feminine aspects of life includes arts , aesthetics , beauty , music etc. After balancing our inner energies , we need to balance out the outer manifestation of it .

We have failed in exploring our nature by attaching certain characteristics to ourselves and anything which doesn't fits in the predefined traits is rejected and women who dare to explore themselves and bring out something extraordinary are outlined. We have stopped the dynamics going inside us and that is why life is coming back to us in the form of violent exposition in the form of rape and abuse which makes us think that how powerless we have transformed ourselves into.

We must remember that men are like vegetables which are looked upon as something useful and one who defines success whereas women are like flowers whose basic nature is to nurture life , add beauty and spread fragrance . Can you imagine a garden without flowers and only vegetables. Just like in a garden the role of both flower and vegetable is absolute, similarly in the garden of life both masculine and feminine energy plays an essential role. We must not merge the two different shades of life rather allow both to flourish side by side. Don’t let the voice of vegetables silence the sound of flowers. Don’t make a world full of vegetables. It is not our voice that is silenced but it is our feminine energy.

She was 10 years old when she got married to a man almost 20 years older than her. She suffered through an abusive married life and was thrown out of her house when she was 20 and was pregnant with a child. She somehow managed to reach her mother’s house but was rejected by her own family.

She started living in a nearby cowshed where she delivered her child and was compelled to cut its umbilical cord with a pointed stone . This incident left an indelible impact on her mind . She was shaken up by this incident to the extent that she wanted to end her life. Her new born child was the only reason for her continuing her life, she started begging and while doing so she realized that there were many orphans who required love and support.

She started adopting those kids and taking care of them as her own children. To nurture those unprovided lives , she started begging hard. Day and night she begged and whatever money she received was put into their welfare.

She adopted nearly 1400 orphans and nurtured them with love and care. The extraordinary thing which marked her life was that she adopted her 80 year old husband who had asked for forgiveness. She was not mother Teresa, her name is Sindhu Tai. Today she has many organizations running under her name. Such is the force of feminine energy. She didn't raise a voice but her actions said it all. She was too an entrepreneur in my eyes. She didn't allow her masculine aggression burn her veins , neither she yelled at the world but instead she tapped her feminine energy and provided it a voice of nurturing . The sound of feminine is nurturing life , delicacy forms her hands and calmness draws her face. Her life was not easy and I’m not saying that we women have to be silent , fight is essential but it’s our choice whether to fight like a man or to fight like a woman. Yes we women feel that we are weak but the reason behind this weakness is not masculine energy ruling over our feminine but it is in the silence of feminine.