‘Mrs’, not ‘Miss’.

The clock struck 5. It was early morning, the weather was cold and misty. Shreya woke up, she was neither happy nor sad , there was no expression on her face. She was walking over the floor with soundless feet. She entered the kitchen and started preparing breakfast for kids. Two hours passed and it was only the chirping of some distant birds could be heard. Shreya‘s heart was not in sync with her mind as if some wire between the two was forcefully broken. The clock struck again , it was 7 ‘0 clock, Rahul woke up, his eyes didn’t bother to find his mistress and his hands didn’t search for Shreya but rather he searched for the cup of tea which was waiting for him.

After seeing off the kids to school, Shreya entered the room and started searching her wardrobe while Rahul was busy replying to the messages on the Whats App. It was only technology and clothes which received the maximum attention, rest everything else was silent and ignored. Both got ready and left for work. The only words exchanged between the two were when Rahul said, "Main shayad late Aaunga , mera intezaar mat krna“, (I might be late today, please dont wait for me). to which Shreya replied, "Mere pass extra keys hai, jab aana to tab aana aur bacchon ko school se lana mat bhulna“, (i have extra house keys with me, you can come when ever you want to, but don't forget to get the kids back home from school)."

In the background there was a picture hanging down, it was the picture of Rahul and Shreya‘ s wedding . In the picture, Rahul was holding hands of Shreya and both were looking into each other’s eyes . Now both departed in different directions. Rahul had not noticed that Shreya was wearing a beautiful Saree and Shreya too had failed to notice that Rahul was looking much more handsome in his brand new shirt. They both had failed to notice that coming weekend was a long one and it was a chance for them to spend time together. The word ‘holiday' which once used to put smile on their face has now become too heavy to bear. Rahul subconsciously started looking for weekend tasks whereas Shreya too organized an extra class on Saturday and Sunday. These appointments were not forced upon them but were self invited. Shreya was not there in Rahul‘s recent call log and Rahul wasn’t there in her's. The same number which 5 years back used to be picked by both in such hurry was now picked up after a long pause. It was lunch time and the same food which Rahul was never tired to appreciate 5 years back had suddenly become tasteless “isme namak hi nhi hai", (There is no salt in the food). 

Shreya was once doing some correction work in the staff room when suddenly a woman came inside and told her “Miss you will have to do this", to which Shreya replied “Mrs, not miss, madam".

Everyday we come across such seemingly 'happy couple'. It appears that nothing could ever be wrong between the two. They both are so perfect for each other, both are beautiful, talented and brilliant in their jobs . But we forget that silence is a very powerful emotion. It is like winter which freezes your heart and the confusion of emotions are like the fog, We lose connection between heart and mind and like a frost bite. Silence eats up your relationship. Rahul and Shreya are existing together, but not living. The silence in their lives has destroyed the passion of heart and all what is left is a tag, 'Mrs'.

Relationships are high maintenance things. It is always necessary to keep them in use. If we fail to do this, they might rot. So the next time your wife  or your mother shouts at you, Just be grateful that still you are away from the disease called silence. Either love too hard or hate too hard because there is no midway in relationships. It is the end of year, so it's the perfect time to look at our relationships, as there are some which needs to be renewed and there are some which we have to let go.