Every ending has a new beginning

It was this July when I broke up with my friend with whom I had spent almost 10 years of my life with. I was puzzled that how our friendship passed through such difficult phases with so much ease but a mild wind was able to set us apart. At that time I thought it was a miscalculation on part of universe and I started feeling a void as if something was lost. I questioned God that why do people come in our lives when one day they have to leave us.  At that time I was not able to find an answer, so I let it go. I was hurt and I started missing all the common events where earlier we used to go together.

Recently out of no where, I got an answer for the question which was disturbing me since July. The month of December came down as an inspiration to me which taught me that endings walk hand in hand with beginnings . What usually feels like an end is a new beginning.

We meet all type of people in our lives, some walk with us for miles, while some only help us cross a road. Every person we meet is a fill in the blank in our life, Some spellings are lengthy while some end up as soon as they start. I realized that the cause of our broken friendship was not that she was wrong or I was toxic for her, but rather she taught me a lesson that I needed to learn. The art of saying ‘No‘, when I wanted to.

I thought it was the end, but it was rather a beginning for me, because it was the first time I took a stand for myself. The reason for our unhappiness is that we try to join broken pieces of our lives but none of us try to think that why God broke that segment of our lives. Many people advocate against divorce but I personally feel that two happy homes are better than an unhappy one.

There was once a famous musician, he was paralyzed and used to play violin flawlessly. One day he had a concert where he was to perform in front of 2000 people. Having expertise in his art, he started with a bang. Suddenly one of the strings broke, He was all alone on the stage and couldn’t go backstage by himself. Initially he looked around for help, but receiving none, he gathered courage, looked around the restless crowd, closed his eyes and played with the broken violin. The crowd was astonished because it was the finest music that he had produced till now. The auditorium was full of awe and admiration for the musician. When one journalist asked him that how was it possible for him to play a broken violin and produce the sweetest melody ever, to which he replied, “We humans are like violins, our strings might break but we need to produce music with what is left in us.”

We will lose people along our path, we will lose ourselves, we loose the child in us, we do lose the youth in us, we will slowly and gradually lose everything that we once had but that is life because it’s all about producing music with what’s left in us. When we leave school, there are some friends who go abroad, some who end up in city, there are some who remember us, some whom we remember, there are some who call you, some whom you call, some contact us in weeks, some in years, there are some whom we don't wish to call, some who don’t wish to call us, there are some saved contacts whom we hesitate to contact, some hesitate to call us, some will leave us today to meet tomorrow while some will stay with us today to leave tomorrow.

There is no absolute loss or gain and there is no absolute ending or beginning. We lose old things to gain new ones. I lost my friend but gained my voice. But the most important thing that we as human beings must do is to let go of people who are destined to leave us at that time because if they are meant to be a filler in your life, they will come back after the performance because if we try to use fillers inappropriately, we might end up destroying both the performance and the fillers as well. It is also important to invite new people in, because they too have a new color to paint the picture of our life with. We don't repeat the colors in our painting then why to repeat human beings. Love is a powerful emotion which means to let go, true love is never insecure , if it’s meant for us, it will come back.

Now it’s time to begin a New Year, so this new year, let go of people who are no more functional in our lives whether they are your friends, or maybe a spouse with whom nothing is working out. Don’t stop people whom God has planned to leave that time because when we let go of non functional people, we make space to attract the useful ones.  Every person we meet in our lives has a role to play at that particular time, when action is complete, let them go and make space for the ones whose roles resonate with our present life. A new year has just started, we did loose some people but gained some new ones. There is some hatred still left and some love still inside our heart. We all have learnt some lessons and have become better versions of ourselves. This year is a new chapter in our book of life.

Happy New Beginnings!!!!