Cricket says ‘No’ to Coffee

We live in a democracy which implies that we have the right to expression and the right to have an opinion of our own, but this sounds like we watched a movie and remember only that half which comes before interval. Same is the story of India where every warm blood comes up as an advocate of constitution without understanding its wholeness. Why don’t we see the big 'Responsibility' which comes in pair with democracy.

Let us talk about a talk show which never fails to come up with controversies and is back with a big boom, its none but 'Koffee with Karan'. Lately two new fames of Cricket fraternity were invited for a nice chit chat and the atmosphere got so cozy that both Hardik Pandya and K.L Rahul would be abstaining from coffee till eternity. A few loose comments from Pandya and a couple of supportive remarks from Rahul stirred up a lot of hatred among their fans. Some may call it vanity, but its more 'The doing of ignorance'.

If I look at the matter from unbiased eyes, honestly, I didn’t find their behavior unnatural or astonishing because I don’t forget that I am a part of a country where every second  girl is raped, abused or assaulted . I am not a feminist and I don’t need to be one to make a point that we live in a country where women are objectified. If I am raising my voice against the two, it is not because people have called them sexist or misogynist or what not, because I know many of those who made a fuss about the situation are much worse the than two sitting on coffee couch. We are unhappy because we feel betrayed, we are hurt because we had expectations. This is our fault that we put so much of trust in these few chosen ones whom we think can bring about a change in the social scenario. The fact that they both are a part of the Indian Cricket team and are International players is not oblivion but it seems that they have forgotten that they are representing India on international frontiers. There are people looking up to them. Moreover they are not any ordinary Indian men and each word that drops out of their mouth has an impact both on national and international level.

There are billions out there who wish to be heard, Every life wishes to be a brand whom everyone else follows. But look at the balance of nature which provides this opportunity to a few chosen ones, and if you misuse this, surely the consequences ought to be devastating. A celebrity must understand the fact that thousands of people out there are working to demolish the webs of racism and inequality and just one wrong word from their mouth can destroy those million efforts. To use power cautiously is not everyone’s cup of tea, one wrong statement and you not only lose your followers but you hamper everything which is attached to you. The social causes you promote suddenly lose meaning and become empty and the brand you endorse lose its importance. With one word, you are capable of destroying a good number of things which you are hitched to. Any celebrity is not a supernatural being and life is not all roses and unicorns. Every person is the result of his or her conditioning. If I blame Pandya and Rahul for immorality, many of us, infact most of us would share the same spotty couch, because we are not less. Though we may differ in degree, we are full of prejudices and stereotypes. As they say, "when you are given more, you are expected a little more than the rest". As Celebrities, you have more power, more ears to listen to and more eyes to have attention, so we can expect a little more responsible and a little more mature behavior from you.