Woman- lets create a new shade of life!!!

We live in the 21st century. We all have witnessed drastic changes in the way we live our lives. Our society has also changed drastically and that can be seen by the change in the status of Women. Today, women have become Unstoppable. They have Dreams, Aspirations and also possess the Confidence to turn them into reality. They are subtle, sweet and strong headed. They know what they want and they get it too. But, have you ever wondered what a women should have in her, so that, when she enters a room all people swarm around her like bees? The answer to this is 'Self Acceptance'.

Physical beauty is the first thing that attracts people but not everyone is blessed to have Cinderella looks. But if we dwel deeper then we come across the eternal truth that 'Physical beauty is temporary and one day it will fade away'. Most of the women nowadays are Confident and Strong. They have immense power in them and this power comes from their inner Self. If a woman accepts herself the way she is and does not try to hide her imperfections from an 'Empowered Woman'. Self acceptance is the key to confidence and this confidence is what makes a woman attractive.

'Self love' is the highest order of love. When we accept our imperfections, we are confident and we are unperturbed by the judgy eyes of the people, and we have no inhibitions .We show to the society our true selves and that is what makes a woman fearless. So its not the physical beauty which turns heads but it is the confidence that she wears that makes her desirable. To make anyone love you, you must love yourself.

So, this women’s day,all the women out there should be the trend setter of 'Self Love' because, that is what makes a woman beautiful and powerful. So the key to be charismatic lies in your own hands. You just need to stop carving yourself to conform to the standards of the society. We all fear being judged and so we try to Change ourselves to fit in this society and make people accept us. A woman's charm is her Confidence, her Attitude and not in the shape or size of her body. So eat what you want, wear what your heart says, live life on your own terms and tell the world that 'It's my life and I've got my rules'.

Here are few habits which can transform us into a Charismatic Woman:-

  • Be comfortable in your skin. Love yourself and say no to body shaming.
  • Wear clothes which suit your physique and complexion and not what’s trending.
  • Read more because knowledge empowers us and boost our confidence.
  • Always speak less than you know.
  • Make eye contact with others and make firm handshakes.
  • Get involved in some exercise, dance or sport.
  • Nurture your feminine side by getting involved in arts.
  • Become adventurous and physically strong.
  • Listen to music, it will empower your feminine energy.
  • Avoid extreme emotions.
  • Develop the art of listening.
  • Don't be too open or too reserved, take the middle path.
  • Be adjusting and develop sense of humour.
  • Don't have rigid views, form flexible attitudes.
  • Make your own decisions and respect your opinions.
  • Spend time in nature and laugh more often.
  • Introspect daily, talk to yourself.
  • Accept your flaws with grace. You are not perfect.
  • Put confidence in your pocket and smile on your face.
  • Never be too conscious of your clothes, body or makeup.
  • Awaken your spiritual side.

Treat yourself as you treat your child, you are not an object which glitters with makeup, but you are the force of divine energy, God's own creativity, you are in no way less than a man, you are life with a different shade.