When it comes to success, people may talk about hard work, perseverance and determination but most of the time we forget that the most successful people of the world were those who had the most profound relationships. Relationships are subtle things, they don't get noticed much but are a huge factor in success stories. We encounter all types of relationship in our lives, some carry us forward while others teach us precious lessons. Relationships make us strong. We are dependent beings, none of us work in isolation. Science proves that relationships are not only important for success but for longetivity as well. They juice up our lives and give us a reason to live. The most dry people are those who don't value relationships. There has not been one success story where relationships were not valued.

Let me just tell you how relationships work and how they are direct staircase for success. Like it is said, that if you wish to go fast, you may walk alone and if you wish to walk far, then walk together. Relationships make us fearless. Each and every action of our lives is conducted for our loved ones. They give us reason to work. We encounter many kinds of relationships. Strong bonds with the right kind of people adds spice to our lives. Some relationships come under the umbrella term of ‘Friendship’. Such bonds are priceless, for they see in us what we cant see for ourselves. I remember watching movie “M.S Dhoni". Today we see ‘Dhoni' as a legendary figure but what made him reach this height was not just hard work but the right kind of people who contributed to his success story at every step. When a person wins, it is not his own victory but it is also a win for all those people who strived to make that life succeed. Some helped him find a coach, some encouraged him at every step and that too with no ulterior motive.

Life can never be led in isolation, we all need support. Suppose I am blessed with a talent but I wont be able to realize it till others see that in me. It is only appreciation which will make me strive more and more. When we form strong bonds based on love, we come closer to our humanity. We cannot do great deeds if our emotional health is weak. Relationships nurture our emotional health because when we love, we are more human and when we are more human, the things we create are coming for a higher place which is bound to make you succeed. Relationships impact every aspect of our lives. A person coming from a dysfunctional home may be a genius but not happy, in spite of having the best of qualities, he wont be able to function because our lives are a reflection of our relationships. When all is not fine at home or with friends, nothing can be fine at workplace too. The frustration produced due to want of love and affection will ruin everything eventually.

Many people would argue with me that there are those who are self motivated and just like poison changes to medicine, they transform their broken relationships to success but that is just half of the story. Broken relationships may motivate you for a short period of time, you may loose yourself for a short period of time, you may turn into a cold hearted monster but at the end of the day such people always wish to go back home because the achievement they get is purely materialistic but there is a big hollow inside them. We define success in terms of fame or monetary gains, but for me the true essence of success lies when you can be understood by at least one person on this blue planet, when you are happy from inside and when you know that your life has been a contribution to humanity. The nature of relationships we may encounter may not always be present but what to pick them from it and to never close the gates of your heart is a sure short way to success. If you encounter a good relationship, then be rest assured that you have found the right kind of people and if you encounter bad relationships, then don't get disheartened but see it from a fresh perspective that these are the people you need to avoid and be happy that you got a lesson but never ever close your heart. Our world is a mess and we may blame Science or Technology for it. As I said before that relationships are subtle things and we tend to ignore them. We don't see them apparently but if they are faulty then they are capable enough of destroying every aspect of you life and we won't even come to know! Never underestimate the impact of relationships.

I remember a story of a girl, she was a pretty capable girl, blessed with multitude of talents. I remember her getting selected for every interview she faced. We had a lot many expectations from her. In spite of being so good at work and having sound understanding, she was not able to continue with any job for more than a month. This was strange! This happened for two years at stretch and then she received a marriage proposal and we thought that her good nature and compassion will never make her fail in any relationship she might form.. It was not even a year when both husband and wife parted. This was shocking! She then went to a psychologist who analysed that all the troubles in her professional life was because she shared an uncordial relationship with her step mother and in order to lead a successful life, she will have to mend to her relationship with her. Bad relationships are like slow poisoning, they will eventually kill you!

We say that we are not happy because life has become stressful but just like an underlying symptom, it is nothing but poor relationships that is making us go nuts! Each family member being highly active on social media but has nothing to share with each other, parents not having time to talk their kids because they have work to do! No more pillow fights between siblings because Netflix is important first, not meeting our friends because we have other important things to catch up and couples living in a sort of marital contract where they have no time to share sweet glances of love All these subtle deficiencies of our lives take ugly forms which come in the form of bullying, extramarital affair, depression and crime.

I would like to end the discussion here by saying that Relationships, either bad or good are a part of healthy living because they are a proof of our humanity but silence is devastating. So never close your heart to relationships. First try to understand the importance of relationship and then I will come back to you with exciting ways to attract the right kind of people!!