8 Ways of improving ‘Online Branding‘ in this period of social distancing.

There are always two ways of looking at reality, one can see a glass 'Half Full' or a glass 'Half Empty'. With this Corona Crisis on our hand and twenty one days of complete Lockdown, it seems the world has come to a standstill. Fear has become the dominant emotion of the day and the only door left open to us is the door of Social Distancing. We have been engrossed in our external lives to that extent that all we can think about this quarantine period is a period of infertility where nothing productive can emerge. When external reality has slammed door upon us, virtual reality is inviting us in and this we must never forget that what seems as a painful halt is actually a redirection activity. This is the period to express your true self without any filters of the external world. It seems that nature has taken away all that was artificial and we have been left with are our natural abilities and talents to make something productive out of it.

So, as far as Online Personal Branding is concerned then what could be the best time to put out your true self out there. Here I would like to share with you some tips of improving the online brand called 'YOU' in this period of Social Distancing:-

  1. Turn towards the virtual world
    Since the doors to external world are all closed, the only place where our self expression can find a place is the virtual world. So, don’t lose on your presence by being active on social media. Let’s make Twitter, Instagram and Facebook our new niche.
  2. Voice your opinion
    When external action is at a halt, then the world of ideas invite us in. There is nothing more beautiful than a mind which can think . Value your ideas, take stand for things that you identify yourself with but in the process, don’t spread hatred but offer solutions.
  3.  Be unique in what you have to offer to the world
    There are a plethora of people who are running after the same things which others have already achieved, speaking what the world has already said or either complicating the simple things of life just to gain attention. Remember, as a brand your credibility comes from your uniqueness and uniqueness always comes from a place of authenticity and simplicity.
  4. Become more visible
    Branding is all about consistency, if your visibility on social media is like fire, you would gain a lot of momentum and attention but eventually it will burn you and you might enjoy momentary fame but if your visibility is like flowing water, you will never run out of public attention. If you couldn’t master the external stage, then be a boss in this virtual world. Let yourself out there!
  5. Share a small bite of your life with others  The golden rule for branding is to be authentic and to be authentic means to share a part of who you are with others, so use this opportunity to let others take a flavor of your life by posting pictures and expressing your life through words, ideas or music. It is also a good time to share with people how you are dealing with this crisis on a personal level.
  6. New ideas for a whole new world
    We all know that we are in a sort of transition and on the other side of this change is a world which would never be the same. Things that mattered once , may no longer matter. Such crisis make us think that how crazy and unpredictable the world is and one may never know when the silliest and the most abandoned of our ideas may become a reality. Had you ever imagined that one day all schools would run from a software? Or could a large invested company function smoothly from home? What seemed an impossibility has become the new possibility, so don’t put break on your mind and come up with the most amazing ideas that once you thought were no more than a fantasy. The time is fertile for all the budding business men and business women and other professionals like teachers, doctors and even scientists to look at the world in the way we have never looked before.
  7. Let’s make social media our new stage
    From education to bhakti, all occupying the virtual stage, the time has come for us to create infinite possibilities and opportunities for the world to express itself. Novel professions like stand up comedy, makeup blogging and other underrated passions can find a destination and voice on this virtual stage. Let’s discover ourselves in this changed world through a changed medium.

Virtual world has opened all the doors for us to creep in and soar high, the time may be infertile for external ventures but mind it , virtual world is all the more high in its spirit. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity!