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Personal Branding – ‘I ‘ in the Making!

When we hear the word ‘Brand’, we think of it as some external embellishment which only the privileged section of the society can enjoy. We often associate ‘Brand’ with something artificial or something outside us. But is that so? Is branding an art of only the rich? Is branding an addition to our existing lot? Another very glittery term that has got our attention is Image’ . Everyone is running after forming an indestructible Image . If you don’t believe me then check out your Instagram or twitter or snap chat or the all time famous, our ‘Blue Fairy’, Face book. It appears as if some audition is going on, each member trying to create a never fading image. So, I got it, we need an imperishable image? Right? But how to do that? do all images leave an impact on us?  are all entrepreneurs shining out there? Do all business profiles invite customers? The answer is a big ‘NO’! The only way to form an indestructible image is to make ‘Personal Branding ‘ a living and conscious process. But the need of the hour is to understand ‘Personal Branding’, its nature and how it functions.

Personal branding is the art of being our True and Authentic self. In a world full of copies and copies of copies, we reject our own self to fit in framework of others, so the image we form is too an imitation which wont last long! Personal branding is always happening, whether consciously or subconsciously, that’s our choice. We will always be branded by other people who think of us in one way or the other, but if we control it, we will be branded just the way we desire to be!

Personal branding is not moving outwards but going inwards, exploring our Uniqueness, Realizing that we are one of a kind and not merely becoming a copy. Personal branding is the coupling of Authentic Attitude, Belief, Knowledge with Right Expression through Words, Gestures, Confidence and Clothes. Personal branding is for everyone, it is not just for the privileged or for entrepreneurs, it is a conscious process that must be lived by every person. Personal branding aims at creating an image which transcends beyond time and space and is not transient.

What Personal Branding is ‘NOT’:-

  • Wearing best of Brands (Clothes, Jewellery) but lacking an Authentic and Right Attitude, lacking in confidence and imitating others.
  • Creating high merit profiles on Social Media but lacking Authenticity and Uniqueness.
  • Creating an account on LinkedIn but lacking original ideas.

Functions of Personal Branding

Personal branding is like your Signature, you own it! It is creating your own space when it comes to Entrepreneurship or forming a high profile effortlessly. Personal branding makes you Authentic and Unique and attracts Customers or viewers. If you are different, people will come to you because what is new is always invited. Personal Branding automatically creates a hype around us and people will be attracted. When personal branding comes into play, competition becomes irrelevant because competition occurs between individuals or groups which have parallel characteristics, so if one defines themselves as a unique brand, having a unique set of characteristics, then any type of competition becomes irrelevant. You don’t seek business, business seeks you. 

Personal Branding is ‘I’ in making, which is your own unique self! It will never go unheard or unseen because what is unique can never be defeated! When we choose to be ourselves , then there is no one better than us in that. ‘I’ may sound egocentric but it is not pride but defining us as one of a kind . When it comes to you , your own unique space, your own brand statement, then there is no one near you. Remember, originality never fades, it is imitation that crumbles down!

So choose for yourself, whether you want to be a brand which others decide or a brand that you decide!!!

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7 Seconds’ Decision

We are all aware about the saying- “First impression is the last impression. But did you know that for making the first impression all you have is a window of 7 seconds. The moment we enter the room, people start judging. They judge us and we judge them! It is something that comes naturally; we don’t even realize that we are doing it.

Don’t miss out on giving a smile to the people you meet. This will give them a feeling that you aren’t a snob and can be easily approached. People hesitate in talking if they find a person expressionless or frowning. Smile open heartedly and people would love to indulge in a conversation with you.

In the first 7 seconds people judge you based on the following parameters:

  • Are they friendly/ approachable?
  • Are they confident?
  • Are they successful?
  • Are they intelligent?
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Are they credible?
  • Are they immoral?

So to make the first impression the best, here are some things you need to do-

  1. Smile- Imagine entering a meeting and people look at you but don’t smile. Will you stay there willingly? Will you feel like working with them? No you won’t. This is what people expect from you too. A smile is the first indicator of positivity.
  1. Handshake- In ancient time handshake was a way to show the strangers that you have no weapons. In the present, a handshake is powerful enough to make or break the image. In a study, researcher Florin Dolcos suggests that a handshake increases a positive effect towards favorable conversation. A firm, friendly handshake has long been recommended in the business world as a way to make a good first impression.
  2. Body Language- Researchers at the University of Texas found that people can very accurately guess 9 different personality traits about you; just by the way you hold your body. The hand gestures and postures silently communicate all that is going on, in your mind. You are sitting with your arms folded and someone is sub consciously forming an image about you. This is the power of your body language. The ideal posture is standing straight with chin up and arms at your side. This suggests that a person is friendly and warm.
  1. Eye Contact- 12 different studies have found job candidates who made strong, lasting eye contact when meeting their interviewer were judged higher and offered jobs more often. People will trust you based on your eye contact with them; it is because eye contact triggers the brain’s trust response. Do not stare at people. Look into their eyes while greeting but avoid a constant eye contact, it may look aggressive.
  2. Appearance- It is always said- dress the way you want to be addressed. It does not work always in all scenarios. Always dress based on the occasion and the people you are going to meet. Wearing the best outfit you have is not the aim.

Imagine going to a formal meeting and meeting someone wearing a costly tattered jeans with expensive t-shirt and shoes. This must be the best and most expensive combination in his wardrobe, but is it appropriate? No, it is not. It is a natural human tendency to judge people based on their clothes right when they enter. Do you do it? Yes of course you do, you may not realize it but it keeps happening naturally. Everyone judges everyone. You too get judged when you enter a room. So dress appropriately.

  1. Congruence- Authenticity is the key to success. You never have to pretend who you’re not. You just have to project yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs in the right way, by doing things YOU believe in. You have to be congruent to yourself!

For an example we discussed about appearance earlier. If you do not believe in wearing the western wear then you can always look for Indo-western or Indian. But yes, suitable to the occasion and the setting. We have so many times seen people wearing things they are not used to, and the discomfort can always be seen on their face as well as in their body language. Don’t struggle wearing what makes you uncomfortable or doing what you don’t believe in.

Now you know how important these 7 seconds for your image are. Make sure you don’t miss out on creating that unforgettable first impression!

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One Little Incident Can Cost Your Entire Reputation

“IndiGo staff manhandle passenger at Delhi airport” read the newspaper’s headlines

Although there was a series of blame games and apologies but there was now a spot on the image of IndiGo
which is hard to vanish! Just because of someone, the brand suffered. Now is the time of “New Media”. People
put their opinions through public posts, tweets etc. which gathers the attention of many.

Anger Control: The catalyst to a tarnished reputation is anger. This is usually the key factor behind a brand’s image getting into a ditch. Always remember the decisions taken in anger are usually repented later. Whenever someone pushes your button, just take a deep breath. It is obviously easier said than done but the results will be miraculous.

This law of image tarnishing does not only apply to “brands”, but also applies to every individual as a brand. We are a brand too. Our image in the market matters. One wrong step and its gone! So here are some steps you can follow to avoid a bad reputation.

Choice of Words: Think twice before you speak up. Think whatever you are about to say isn’t ambiguous or it doesn’t hurt someone’s sentiments. Best way to know is to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and analyse the receiver’s perspective. You’ll avoid more than half of the problems/controversies.

So, these were two very basic ideas which we mostly skip in our daily routine. Make it a part of your routine until both of them become your habit. There will be a visible change in how people will change/build opinion about you.


It takes 20 years to build your reputation and 5 minutes ruin it. If you think about that you will do things differently

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There is nothing interesting about looking perfect- you lose the point. You want what you are wearing to say something about you. About who you are. -Emma Watson

Trump’s Triumph! Talking of personal branding and being a brand how can we forget talking about Donald Trump the current and 45th President of United States Of America. The businessman turned politician is now in the driving seat. It took a lot for him to get into the Whitehouse and control the steering wheel of the US. There is something about Donald Trump that made him a Brand. So here are a few tips on personal branding that helped Trump in grabbing the throne. Be Confident:Trump has always been a confident personality. His quality of addressing people with confidence and the ability to make people believe in him is the key ingredient that’s required to win.

Be Authentic: Trump is known for talking without sugar coating things. He speaks whatever comes to his mind. His opinions maybe offensive but he does not climb down from his beliefs and ideas. To be successful authenticity is an imperative trait one most possess.

Be Recognizable: Trump has always managed to create a niche in the headlines. He coined a slogan- Make America Great Again. Be it debate shows, talk shows he kept people talk about him. All of this helped people recognize him and people follow what they recognize. Keep doing things that help people recognize you positively.

Avoid Excuses: Trump could make it to the finish line because he did not believe in excuses. No political experience being one of them. Excuses fetch only pity, not respect. Keep this golden rule in mind and you will be able to reach the top. Present results and people will believe in you. “Winners don’t make excuses, they make results”.

Discrimination and racism concept. Silhouettes of hands stop woman on the sunset background[/caption] Like Donald Trump made it to the finish line, you too can do it if you follow these simple tips.