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Personal Branding – ‘I ‘ in the Making!

When we hear the word ‘Brand’, we think of it as some external embellishment which only the privileged section of the society can enjoy. We often associate ‘Brand’ with something artificial or something outside us. But is that so? Is branding an art of only the rich? Is branding an addition to our existing lot? Another very glittery term that has got our attention is Image’ . Everyone is running after forming an indestructible Image . If you don’t believe me then check out your Instagram or twitter or snap chat or the all time famous, our ‘Blue Fairy’, Face book. It appears as if some audition is going on, each member trying to create a never fading image. So, I got it, we need an imperishable image? Right? But how to do that? do all images leave an impact on us?  are all entrepreneurs shining out there? Do all business profiles invite customers? The answer is a big ‘NO’! The only way to form an indestructible image is to make ‘Personal Branding ‘ a living and conscious process. But the need of the hour is to understand ‘Personal Branding’, its nature and how it functions.

Personal branding is the art of being our True and Authentic self. In a world full of copies and copies of copies, we reject our own self to fit in framework of others, so the image we form is too an imitation which wont last long! Personal branding is always happening, whether consciously or subconsciously, that’s our choice. We will always be branded by other people who think of us in one way or the other, but if we control it, we will be branded just the way we desire to be!

Personal branding is not moving outwards but going inwards, exploring our Uniqueness, Realizing that we are one of a kind and not merely becoming a copy. Personal branding is the coupling of Authentic Attitude, Belief, Knowledge with Right Expression through Words, Gestures, Confidence and Clothes. Personal branding is for everyone, it is not just for the privileged or for entrepreneurs, it is a conscious process that must be lived by every person. Personal branding aims at creating an image which transcends beyond time and space and is not transient.

What Personal Branding is ‘NOT’:-

  • Wearing best of Brands (Clothes, Jewellery) but lacking an Authentic and Right Attitude, lacking in confidence and imitating others.
  • Creating high merit profiles on Social Media but lacking Authenticity and Uniqueness.
  • Creating an account on LinkedIn but lacking original ideas.

Functions of Personal Branding

Personal branding is like your Signature, you own it! It is creating your own space when it comes to Entrepreneurship or forming a high profile effortlessly. Personal branding makes you Authentic and Unique and attracts Customers or viewers. If you are different, people will come to you because what is new is always invited. Personal Branding automatically creates a hype around us and people will be attracted. When personal branding comes into play, competition becomes irrelevant because competition occurs between individuals or groups which have parallel characteristics, so if one defines themselves as a unique brand, having a unique set of characteristics, then any type of competition becomes irrelevant. You don’t seek business, business seeks you. 

Personal Branding is ‘I’ in making, which is your own unique self! It will never go unheard or unseen because what is unique can never be defeated! When we choose to be ourselves , then there is no one better than us in that. ‘I’ may sound egocentric but it is not pride but defining us as one of a kind . When it comes to you , your own unique space, your own brand statement, then there is no one near you. Remember, originality never fades, it is imitation that crumbles down!

So choose for yourself, whether you want to be a brand which others decide or a brand that you decide!!!

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6 Myths About Branding

  1. Brand is a LOGO- Often we confuse brand with its logo or with a personality.

Look at these logos-

What comes to your mind after looking at each one of them? The thoughts that cross your mind after looking at the logos is what those brand stand for based on your experiences, biases and understanding. Logo is merely a visual representation; it differentiates the identity of brands from each other.

  1. Branding is a ONE time initiative- Most of the times people think that changing the logo, redoing the website is branding and it can be done once in a blue moon. But no, there is much more needed and it is a continuous process. A brand always builds over time, it will never happen overnight.
  2. Customers don’t care about it- Branding is not what we do for ourselves; it is what we do for the customers. Our image matters in the eyes of the customer. Imagine getting a faded and torn packet of lays, will you buy it? That is what branding is. Wrapping ourselves in a wrapper which appeals to the customer.
  3. Branding is Pricey- Well yes, branding is a pricey affair if you wait for something wrong to happen and then opt for branding. That surely is a waste of time, money and loss of reputation. If in the first place branding is given prime importance from the day a company is set up there won’t arise any need to throw away huge bucks.
  4. Branding is being who you’re not- The mindset people have about branding is that one has to pretend being who he/she is not. But no, that is not how branding works. Branding doesn’t mean wearing a veil of falseness. The most important principle of branding is- be you. Nobody accepts a perfectly perfect human being and branding is well aware of this fact! Branding is just projecting your image in the right way. You do not want people to think who you’re no
  5. Only beginners require branding- Yes! Many of us think that after attaining a certain amount of success or reaching a certain point in life you don’t require branding. You’re mistaken. 77% B2B marketing leaders say that Branding is critical to growth. Branding is helpful at all levels. If a beginner, it helps in rapid growth and if successful it helps you to stay on that pedestal.

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You are the Brand


You are always Branding Yourself!
Times are changing, and people are getting aware about the Importance of
Personal Branding and what it can do to
them and their business. Despite the awareness, some people still confuse Personal Branding to Self-Promotion. So, I
am writing this, majorly to break the Myths around Personal Branding.

Myth 1: Brand is all about the name, logo and the slogan

Brand is more than just a name, slogan or symbol. It is more about what you stand for and what you believe in. It is
about who you are and what values you bring out in what you do. It is all about being YOU, being authentic and being

The branding that you see with the logo, name and symbol is something that is the tip of the ice-berg and is often
confused with the brand.

You are the BRAND. Your website, logo and slogan is the branding.

In today’s competitive business environment, it may seem nearly impossible to stand out. But many people have managed
step out of the shadows by opting for a strategy primarily used by businesses themselves.

Myth 2: Branding is about being on Social Media

Real-world activities are separate from virtual-world branding.

Today, we live in an era where we need to know that everything we do, both intentionally and not, contributes to the
others are perceiving your personal brand. Interestingly, social media plays a vital role in telling the world who

Personal branding allows you to establish a reputation and an identity while still maintaining a personal level of
and interaction. It could be through social media or offline. But it is equally important for you to be aware of
offline image. Offline branding is all about how you meet people in real life. When branding is not done the right
way –
offline and online, there can be a visible mismatch. This leads to lack of congruency and consistency in the way
see you. This can be misleading, and the can often lead to eventual loss of credibility.

Myth 3: You need to appear ‘perfect’ to be a brand

Most people try to appear ‘perfect’ when they project themselves offline and online. The key here is being real and
authentic. People connect to you because you are human – you have a not surreal. You are made of successes and
you make mistakes and accept them; learn from life and grow. You are not a photo-shopped image or a picture-perfect
or a
fairy tale character.

Your personal brand is something that follows you around whether you want it to or not. It’s something that exists
if we don’t bother to cultivate it. From job to job, the way you present yourselves professionally matters, and it
instrumental in establishing yourself as a valuable leader.

It is also becoming increasingly important because modern audiences tend to trust people more than corporations. So,
is extremely important to be consistent and authentic and also to make sure that is the image that is conveyed.

Furthermore, people want to do business with other people, not with companies. Putting a strong personal brand on the
frontline can actually make a huge difference!