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Brand Love – 5 Unique Strategies to Win Hearts!

Winning your clients’ hearts and minds shouldn’t be a difficult
task, yet many businesses struggle to interact and connect with
potential customers and clientele because they don’t follow basic
communication and common sense standards.

There’s no gimmick here. If you own a Brand which is into Support
Services, for example, here are five strategies to earn clients,
establish their trust, and generate repeat business…


When it comes to listening, humans as a race are absolutely
inept (much like a rock). According to a research conducted at
the University of Missouri, the average listener will only
understand and recall 50% of what they hear after 10 minutes of
listening. Within 48 hours, the percentage lowers to 25%. Many
companies are so preoccupied with talking that they neglect to
listen to their clients and customers. It’s critical to
understand and listen to your clients’ needs when it comes to
the state of their Support Services and the need to solve them
if you want to gain their business and loyalty.


 It’s time to put your zen-like focus to
work. The key to success here is to target your audience. What
are your customers looking for in a Support Service? What are
their names? What do they make a living doing? What city do they
call home? Why do people have such a thing for support services?
You can learn about your clients’ behaviours, where they spend
their time, and which sales networks you should target in order
to contact them by conducting market research. You can then
target your marketing and reach the proper folks once you know


Most brands either don’t spend enough time communicating or
spend so much time communicating that they stop communicating
and instead send out ‘noise’ that no one cares about and
eventually ends up in someone’s spam folder. Communicating your
unique benefits to the world through a newsletter, social media,
or blog is one of the finest ways to do it. Providing
fascinating, amusing, and informative articles regarding support
services, care, growth, collections, and repairs will captivate
your readers and keep their attention.


Don’t second-guess your decision. You’re fantastic, your company
is fantastic, and you’re the best dang Service company on the
planet! You’ll be top of mind if you can confidently articulate
what makes your company special and valuable to your clients.
Who do you recall the most? The guy/girl who confidently
approaches you and shakes your hand, or the jittery individual
sitting alone in the corner, wrapped in insecurity? Did I say
you’re fantastic?


You need to be the greatest Support person on the market if
you’re in the business of mending people’s Requirements. You
certainly understand your field; now it’s time to let others
know! Public speaking, newsletters, blogs, and interviews where
you provide free information that educates and excites your
audience are all ways to demonstrate your expertise in pet rock
repair and establish yourself as an authority figure in your
field. This promotes your reputation as a “go to” resource for
your stakeholders, clients, and peers.

Following these steps can help you connect with your target
audience, establish trust, and improve the perception of your
company and brand.

Always remember that ‘’Your Brand’’ begins the moment you decide
to be yourself. A powerful Brand will always leave a lasting
impact and empower you to leave something behind for the world
to enjoy!



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What is Personal Branding?

When we say ‘Brand’ for a product, we mean a product which has distinguished features capable enough of creating its own space in the market. No two brands are ever the same. Each brand has its own uniqueness by which it is identified. The features of the product may be the same but the way it is positioned and perceived will never be the same. The reason for a brand recall is always a connect – a value proposition of the brand, an emotional connect, reliability or anything else. Hence each product can have a market, it depends on who you are targeting and what positioning you want. What do you want the product to be known?

The same story goes for a human being. Though we may appear as identical products manufactured by a common factory outlet, fortunately, we are endowed with a tendency to become a ‘Brand’ by finding our own space or niche and sometimes creating it. This unique imprint which makes us a brand in the market of life is what we call as Personal Branding.

The interesting thing about personal branding is that it comes into play behind our backs, when we are not around. It comes in the form of ideas, opinions and critical appreciation by others of our kind. The entire concept of personal branding focuses on “Being You”. It is not difficult because it comes naturally to us.
To understand the essence of personal branding, we must know that it does not mean adding some external attributes to yourself or imitating other brands (other humans with specific qualities) but rather being comfortable in our skin, bring out what is inside us and striving to become the best version of ourselves. In the market of life, you won’t ever succeed if you are just a photocopy of the original.

Importance of Personal Branding
The next question which pops inside our mind is that “What is the purpose of personal branding?” let me answer this question by stating an example, suppose you are a businesswoman or businessman and wish to get clients, then in a world full of other business people of the same kind, what is your probability of getting a client? I guess it would be negligible. Here, Personal Branding comes into play. The brand that you have created in the mind space of your clients will help you acquire a client.

How ‘Your’ unique “You” is identified by other people and how you can stand out from others, builds up your credibility will determine your profitability. People do business with you because you are authentic, credible and trustworthy. You may be a good and authentic person but you need to also project that image or persona for people to believe in that. So, when you are genuine and authentic, it makes you trustworthy because you are displaying your authentic side which is one in a million with no imitation. Remember, no two people are the same – each one is born unique and somewhere in our growing up years we forget this.

Once you have established credibility and expertise in your area or niche, people shall come to you. The key here is that you should be able to add massive value to people. This would further increase your influence you might be looked upon as a person of expertise. All these traits shall nurture your business and will eventually make you successful.

Personal branding makes you a brand of a kind and once you realize it, your professional, as well as personal life, may change forever. The art of personal branding will not make you something artificial but it will lead you to your real, authentic self. In a world full of great business people, to make your own space is difficult but not impossible because if you tap the power of personal branding, you will surely become one in a million.
You need to identify your own personal set of characteristics with powerful copyright. To make it easy for you, I will share a roadmap in the next blog.

Creating Branding Awareness:

Consumers recognize and remember your company based on its Brand awareness. This allows a larger audience to recognize your logo and products. The greater the Brand awareness, the more the consumers. This is a way through which the Brand does the communication and shows the nature of the Brand. For example: When a new book of a famous author is released, generating a real buzz about the book creates a massive amount of talk on social media, and creates Brand awareness.

Community & Network:

You will be able to recognize the suitable market for your organization after you have a clear understanding of your Brand. Targeting customers who share values and personality traits specified for your company will assist in the growth of your organization. A well-defined Brand attracts like-minded customers and employees and forms a large community. A successful Brand is more about the connections with other people. That is why it is said that a Brand’s worth can be determined by the networks. These essential elements provide a successful accomplishment to your Brand. Overall, Brand value is based on the image or perception, trust of being consistent, and an emotional connection between the consumer and Brand.


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‘Beauty’ Mantra for Video Calling

Wish  to attend a video call and feel unprepared for it?  Closed salon,chubby
cheeks, dark sunken eyes and dirty hair making you freak out? Don’t you worry
because here we bring some tips which can make your video conferencing an
extraordinary experience. Here is a series of simple steps to make your face
ready for any video call( Zoom, Google, Hangouts etc

  1. Correct balance of light and shadow is very crucial for a video call. Avoid
    fluorescent lights or overhead lights that cast shadow and blurs your face.
    The source of light whether natural or artificial must be behind your

2. When talking, place your camera at eye level and the background used must
be a neutral one with no photographs. In order to make it look more
professional, one can make use of objects such as book shelves in the
background that can create the effect. Avoid distracting the other person by
time and now looking at the small frame in your camera. Don’t ever make the
other person feel that you are working from home.

3. Don’t make use of glitter but powder your face to  make it less shiny.

4. In case your cheeks look puffy, then apply ice or ice cold rollers to drain
down the tissue fluid. Do this half an hour before the meeting.

5. Make use of color correcting creams or concealer to even out your skin tone
and other parts of the body exposed.

6. Lipsticks are mandatory and the shades used must be neutral with a bit of
gloss garnishing it. One can go for creme lipsticks or if using Matt one can
gloss it up.

7. In order to make your eyes look more alive, slightly roll your eye lashes,
apply eyeshadow and mascara to avoid the grave or sunken look in eyes but
apply them moderately as to not make them look too bold or smudgy.

8. One can make use of highlighter on cheek bones which produces the illusion
of sun rays falling on your face.

9. One can make use of contour to give a certain shape to your jaw line,
sometimes it can make your face look slimmer.

10. If your hair is not washed, you can make a bun and apply either powder or
dry shampoo to reduce the oily effect from front hair and make it bouncy.
Make the bun puffy and if your hair is washed and too frizzy, apply some
serum to the front hair.

11. Your nail color and lip color must be of nude or lighter shade and must
complement each other. Add a bit of blush to bring glow to your skin.

12. Don’t forget the most important accessory which is mandatory and without
which nothing else could work– confidence and your precious smile

13. If you have no time to do makeup, you can make use of zoom filters that
automatically smooth-ens your skin and also if your background is messy, you
can add a virtual background which is realistic and not very flowery.

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8 Ways of improving ‘Online Branding‘ in this period of social distancing.

There are always two ways of looking at reality, one can see a glass ‘Half Full’ or a glass ‘Half Empty’. With this
Corona Crisis on our hand and twenty one days of complete Lockdown, it seems the world has come to a standstill.
Fear has become the dominant emotion of the day and the only door left open to us is the door of Social Distancing.
We have been engrossed in our external lives to that extent that all we can think about this quarantine period is a
period of infertility where nothing productive can emerge. When external reality has slammed door upon us, virtual
reality is inviting us in and this we must never forget that what seems as a painful halt is actually a redirection
activity. This is the period to express your true self without any filters of the external world. It seems that
nature has taken away all that was artificial and we have been left with are our natural abilities and talents to
make something productive out of it.

So, as far as Online Personal Branding is concerned then what could be the best time to put out your true self out
there. Here I would like to share with you some tips of improving the online brand called ‘YOU’ in this period of
Social Distancing:-

  1. Turn towards the virtual world
    Since the
    doors to external world are all closed, the only place where our self expression can find a place is the virtual
    world. So, don’t lose on your presence by being active on social media. Let’s make Twitter, Instagram and
    Facebook our new niche.
  2. Voice your opinion
    When external action
    is at a halt, then the world of ideas invite us in. There is nothing more beautiful than a mind which can think
    . Value your ideas, take stand for things that you identify yourself with but in the process, don’t spread
    hatred but offer solutions.
  3.  Be unique in what you have to offer to the

    There are a plethora of people who are running after the same things which
    others have already achieved, speaking what the world has already said or either complicating the simple things
    of life just to gain attention. Remember, as a brand your credibility comes from your uniqueness and uniqueness
    always comes from a place of authenticity and simplicity.
  4. Become more visible
    Branding is all about
    consistency, if your visibility on social media is like fire, you would gain a lot of momentum and attention but
    eventually it will burn you and you might enjoy momentary fame but if your visibility is like flowing water, you
    will never run out of public attention. If you couldn’t master the external stage, then be a boss in this
    virtual world. Let yourself out there!
  5. Share a small bite of your life with
    The golden rule for branding is to be authentic and to be authentic means to
    share a part of who you are with others, so use this opportunity to let others take a flavor of your life by
    posting pictures and expressing your life through words, ideas or music. It is also a good time to share with
    people how you are dealing with this crisis on a personal level.
  6. New ideas for a whole new world
    We all know
    that we are in a sort of transition and on the other side of this change is a world which would never be the same.
    Things that mattered once , may no longer matter. Such crisis make us think that how crazy and unpredictable the
    world is and one may never know when the silliest and the most abandoned of our ideas may become a reality. Had you
    ever imagined that one day all schools would run from a software? Or could a large invested company function
    smoothly from home? What seemed an impossibility has become the new possibility, so don’t put break on your mind and
    come up with the most amazing ideas that once you thought were no more than a fantasy. The time is fertile for all
    the budding business men and business women and other professionals like teachers, doctors and even scientists to
    look at the world in the way we have never looked before.
  7. Let’s make social media our new stage
    education to bhakti, all occupying the virtual stage, the time has come for us to create infinite possibilities and
    opportunities for the world to express itself. Novel professions like stand up comedy, makeup blogging and other
    underrated passions can find a destination and voice on this virtual stage. Let’s discover ourselves in this changed
    world through a changed medium.

Virtual world has opened all the doors for us to creep in and soar high, the time may be infertile for
external ventures but mind it , virtual world is all the more high in its spirit. So, don’t miss this golden

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It seems that most of the time we walk with eyes open wide, our ears flapping and receiving every word that falls on it without fail. Though our senses work perfectly, but it seems that we hardly see or hear anything. We never feel things as they are and it is a death like state that we exist in where senses fall short in making us look at the reality. It is a sort of bubble that surrounds us, impressions keep hitting its surface but as soon as they strike it, they fall away. It seems that we are unapproachable to reality. In the midst of this numbness, there are some priceless moments of wakefulness where we become alive for a while and our balloon bursts. The state that I am describing is one of destruction, where everything falls apart, same things lose their old meanings and it is then when we come in true touch with reality.

Great people have called this sudden moment of realization as ‘Epiphany’. These epiphanies are the only time that we actually see reality in its true color and they make us realize that how dead we are as Human  Beings. These epiphanies not just fall in hands of blessed mystics but are a part of our lives too. They come at moments when we least expect them and can be triggered by something as devastating as a disaster or by a harmless or trivial thing as a word spoken to us at one point in time but these epiphanies are capable of changing our lives completely and what comes on the other side of these epiphanies is a different meaning of the same old things and this change is irrevocable.

The movie ’Thappad’ which has a strong feminine overtone is not essentially a movie which aims to show the injustice done to Women but its purpose runs much deeper than that. It is not merely giving voice to Women’s plight but is taking us back to these sudden moments of realization where the same old things appear different without a single object being moved from one place to other. I feel that this life is nothing but a certain perspective or a meaning that we make out of our immediate situations and these epiphanies are but a gate which moves us from one meaning of the world to another.

Vikram slapping Amrita was a small incident in life of Amrita which initiated her epiphany and laid open all her past experiences in front of her eyes, the same experiences lost their old meaning, every old memory crashed down and what seemed a life of beauty earlier was now seen as an ugly world full of unfairness. A single moment made her see herself from the light of a respected and loved daughter-in law to a woman who had no identity of her own, a woman who was loved more for the position she held in the family and not because for who she was. Every neutral comment or incident that she had experienced passively was shining in a light so different where all unfair things lighted up and showed her a world where only Vikram was there, his favorite color, his job, his aspirations and his life. She didn’t leave him for a single slap, she left him because she realized a higher truth that she was never there in the relationship, she was lost and her life was overshadowed by that of Vikram.

The world we are living in today is dripping with misery and suffering with CORONA VIRUS on the horizon, sweeping away lives and creating terror. It can be seen as a bio-weapon or a natural calamity  or one can apply any scientific principles to it . I too saw it in the same light when suddenly one day while I was just watching the movie ‘Thappad’, a goose-bump rushed through my skin. The scene where Amrita was hit by Vikram made me see a far-fetched analogy between the ’Slap’ in the movie and the Corona Virus, Both are powerful forces which opened before our eyes, a world which only appears to be beautiful but is soaking with ugliness which can’t be expressed. The epidemic is not very different from that slap which exposed the selfish world of humans and is tearing the picture of so called ‘civilized’ world where man hates another man and is doing anything to save himself, spreading hatred, showing the evil inherent in him. It is opening before our eyes all the unfair means by which we have exploited our mother planet and most importantly it throws light on the world which was living in denial that ours is a well sustained and techno-friendly world where everything goes by a fixed calculation, a world that took pride in its Intellectualization but had forgotten that life begins where intellectualization ends. We have forgotten that though we have mastered technology but at the end of the day we are just a micro piece of life who can be easily swept away by a virus. The virus is a manifestation of the ugliness that we have created so far.

It is surely an epiphany, yes it will destroy everything that we believed in, it will make us question our faith, it will show us the evil in us, it will destroy every foundation, every old structure but what lies on the other side of this epiphany is a life which is so beautiful, so different from what we have already experienced. Let’s hold our seats and tighten our belts because this transition will liberate us just as the slap liberated AMRITA.
The question that we must focus on is not how all this happened but instead why did it happen at the first place? So, should we float on surface reality like Vikram, explaining the immediate or superficial causes for the eruption of the disease or giving all sorts of scientific thesis or instead we should probe deep into the matter, understanding the consequences of all our past actions, taking this period for deep introspection and transforming our selves by contemplating, understanding the root cause of our behavior as a generation and questioning the principles that once we believed in,

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Saying ‘NO’ to ’HE-ISM’ and ‘SHE-ISM’

Have you ever wondered what makes a Man, a ‘Man’ and a Woman, a ‘Woman’?

We came on this earth as two beings with slight biological differences that differentiated us from each other. These differences didn’t stop there and had spread like an epidemic, creeping in all walks of life. In other words, I mean to say that we were not born Women but were made one! It was not very recently that I as a Woman Entrepreneur and Business Person went through this sudden epiphany and realized that this entire gender setup and the concept of Manhood and Womanhood is no better than a well developed and executed strategy by those in power. According to some theorists, meaning always emerges out of opposites what some call as Binary Opposition. For instance, Edward Said explains the west-east conflict as an ideology developed by Europeans who associated west with terms like Rationality, Order and Civilized and anything or any country weaker than them in terms of power assumed the position of ‘Other’ which means those countries assumed the adjectives which were opposite to those of west and they became what west was not and became associated with terms like Irrationality, Savagery and Chaos. All this was done single handedly by the Whites who had spread this ideology through Dialogue, Literature, Music and other forms of expression. This political execution is a matter of much research nowadays and is termed as ‘Orientalism’.

My aim is not in the least to sound like a Feminist or blaming men like some radicals but on the contrary I aim of releasing people, both men and women from this ideological framework of manhood and womanhood. It can be assumed that our biological differences must have initiated this power dynamics when our ancestral men developed this cultural ideology, associating themselves with adjectives like ambitious, vocal, intellectual and so on, while women being biologically different assumed the position of ‘other’, associating with all qualities which makes them different or opposites of men like receptivity, emotional and subdued. This ideological framework was later reinforced by our ancestral men through Arts, Literature, Music and other means of expression till the time it became a part of our unconscious and is directing life of both men and women. Though many women are no longer subjugated and are physically free from men’s domination but the ideology of men being ‘Superior’ is deeply rooted in our psychology and has become the cause of our low self esteem.

The reality is that we are always looking for some kind of Dichotomy, where we centralize one and decentralize the other and this is how men became the center of our universe.
Many radical feminists believe that things should have been the opposite way but even if women were the Ideological Framers, they would have definitely enjoyed being the center of our universe but the question is would we have been able to come out this structure of binary opposites because if we make one the center, there will surely be an ‘Other’, whether man or woman.

True freedom is not to play see-saw with this dichotomy but to De-center the world, by not creating binary opposites, not making the process of association so specific, not running after a definite meaning of who a man is or who a woman is, let the meaning change with time. Let us give ourselves this freedom today that if today I define myself as an ambitious workaholic person then no one should question me when tomorrow I define myself as a passionate mother. Let us De-center the world, let us say goodbye to HE-ISM and SHE-ISM!!!

If ‘evolution’ is the word of the day, so can we afford to live in a world of Definiteness? Whether we talk in terms of technology or new ideas, we are constantly growing then why limit the world in fixed opposites? The world that we live in is in a state of Flux, always moving, never Static. The meaning that we give to the things around us is merely just another explanation among the universe of explanations. Same goes for Branding, the Label we got today is just a convenient explanation to our behavior at that time for there is no absolute meaning, no absolute definition that can describe our ever growing self! So, we must always try becoming but never become!!

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5 Life transforming Quotes

Sharing with all of you another set of powerful quotes that helped me sail through life and transformed the way I look at life. The words are few but the impact they had on me was life transforming. So here are some powerful insights that will shake up your life.“Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?”~ Rumi

We always see this world as restrictive, always finding ourselves being stopped and suppressed by this world and what we do is putting the blame on poverty,unemployment and what not . We think that world is stopping us but most of us don’t think that it is we stopping ourselves” I cant do that”, ” That’s not possible for me”, ” How can I do it?”, does’nt all this sounds familiar. The reality is that we are afraid of the vast possibilities waiting for us out there and find comfort in something comfortable. Whatever we wish to do, if we start for it today , if we dare to think about it, dare to live in it, there is nothing we cant achieve. So, stop being afraid of your dreams. Every person is capable of everything. Don’t let your mind blur your vision of life.

“I Stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception” We always keep explaining ourselves to others but we must know this that we wont be able to please everybody, however hard we may try, we wont be able to live upto anybody’s expectation, the only one we can please is ourselves. Everyone will see you from their eyes, their prejudices and their attitude. So, stop justifying your actions to others. I have heard people saying ” I could’nt sleep yesterday so I am sleeping now”, why I mean why do we need to justify everything that we do, cant we simply say that I want to sleep and that is why I am sleeping. So, stop explaining yourself to others but do what you feel like, even if you make a mistake, say sorry but don’t justify for we all are humans and evey time you make a mistake, you justify the divine plan which made us imperfect, so stop pleasing others, just be yourself because no one will ever see you as you see yourself.

The more I feel imperfect, the more I feel alive”¬ Jhumpa lahiri

It saddens me to see that so much life is wasted in trying to prove that we are perfect. The world never designed us for perfection. Yes we can always strive for it but in that process we must never lose the essence of being a human being. We are so full of light and darkness but all the time we try to prove that there is only light within us. Our rejecting the dark side which is very much a part of us is the leading cause of all unhappiness. Why cant we say that I did a mistake because I am human and why cant we get rid of those silly excuses that we make to show that we are epitome of perfection.

All creative heads were successful because they never strive to become ‘normal’, they never thought of themselves as the perfect person. As a famous man once said that without a tinge of madness, there can be no creativity. So, don’t try to become perfect because imperfection is the new perfection. ”You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens”¬ Rumi

Every relationship, every struggle and every pain in life has a purpose. Till the time we don’t understand the essence of pain, we wont be able to understand the nature of happiness. In our life we encounter love, hate, jealousy and all other emotions, our heart breaks so many times but just as diamond gets polished by rubbing it against stone. Similarly ,the more we are rubbed by life, the more pain we see, the more we know the worth of happiness. Heartbreaks and loss may jam us for a while but when the heart opens again, it opens much wider than before. So, be great full to all the dark events of your life because more than anything else, these dark moments made you seek true happiness, it made you seek life, it made you seek love more than anything else. Without tasting false love, we would never realize the true one! ”Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”¬ Mark Twain

We always keep waiting for that moment which would change our lives forever because we value one moment over other but what we forget is that all moments are same, each one capable of changing our lives in a second. I wanted to write a book but this dilemma did’nt spare me too, I was always searching for that one moment. It was not under that unusual light or divine guidance that I wrote but it was just a moment which I grabbed and that made all the difference. Time will always be same, each second going by is a chance to live your dream life. The only difference between those who succeed and those who not is that the former make every moment special and the latter leave all moments to search for the special. We must know that all these moments are just made for me.

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5 Life transforming Quotes

All of us are looking for the best philosophy which could transform our lives and lead us to the path of success and happiness. The philosophies are many but they are complex and hard to understand. To say a lot in few words is what creativity is all about. People who have tasted success know that in order to understand life, one must always return to the basic principles which govern this world. Our questions may vary in nature but whether we are seeking success or an astounding career or the perfect relationship, all we desire is a happy and fulfilling life. Today I would like to share with all of you these powerful quotes that helped me sail through life and transformed the way I look at life. The words are few but the impact they had on me was life transforming. So hold on to your seat belt because here comes some powerful insight that will shake up your life.“What you seek is seeking you”~ Rumi

We always think that what we desire to become is out of reach and feel fearful of following our dreams because we think that it is only we who have to find our way towards that desired job or relationship but very few of us know that when we identify ourselves with a job, we find us sharing something common with it and we imagine ourselves a part of it. Similarly, the desired job is also having a space which is just meant for us. What we know is that we are moving towards it but what we don’t know is that job or that relationship is moving towards us with the same speed because we complete each other .

I complete that job and the job completes me. So, we must never doubt our dreams and desires because it is not just us who are moving towards it. Remember the dialogue “Tum jis cheez ko shiddat se paana chahte ho, kayanaat usse tumse milane ki saajish krti hai” “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why?”~Mark Twain

We clearly remember the day we are born but the sad part is that we forget why? The moment we are born, the society throws us into a bind chaotic valley and all we know about ourselves at the end is that we were born on this day and died on other day.This is all we know about ourselves, we never question that why am I here? What is the part that I can play? Why the world needs me? It is not what we do but in what we put our life that matters. I remember a mystic saying that when a cricketer plays a shot, he just puts the ball in a specific direction, it may seem petty but imagine how he puts his entire life into that single ball and that’s what makes him a master of the game.No work is small or big, do whatever you do but put your life into it. Know what is needed or what you desire to do and just get involved into it and that day you will know why are you here. “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”~ Yogi Rao Sahab

Creativity needs courage because it brings to life something which was’nt there before and what is new will never be understood so easily, people will doubt us, they may disapprove of our new ideas . Its not what people think of us but it is what we think of ourselves that determines our success, if we stop being creative just because it is not conforming to the society, then we can never make a unique space for ourselves. Michael Jackson is a legend not because he did what society wanted him to do but he did leave a mark because he never gave his way to fear and did what he wanted to do. He never judged his creativity, so he was never wrong.So, don’t judge your capability on the faulty scale of societal expectations. ”Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect”¬Mark Twain

It is a trend to follow the common path because we feel secure but what we lose in the process is our uniqueness. All of us are irreplaceable because each one of us have a unique purpose whether big or small, if our purpose is unique so is our DNA and so are we then how is it possible that a bunch of people are doing the same thing again and again. So, the next time you find yourself doing something which many have done before, then try to reflect that is it the thing that you were really meant for you. In a world like ours where life has so much to offer, why pick the same cup again and again and if that is the thing you wish to do, then why do the same thing in the same way? “The only thing worse than being blind is to have sight and no vision”¬ Helen Keler

Those who are physically blind feel that they are restricted but those like us who have sight are no better because our sight is so limited that we are no better than blind. All we think about is what I need now, we never dare to go beyond our physical needs. I have seen people who are ready to bargain their talents with a glittery opportunity because it pays them well because all we think about is today. How many of us think that what it is that I want to be remembered for? How many of us see what others dont see about us? How many of us actually believe that we are as good as those who are successful? The reason why dreams appear unreal to us is because we are afraid of the distance between reality and vision and like scared children we just look at what is just present around us.

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‘AUTHENTICITY’ – The Skeleton Of Personal Branding

I would like to start this blog by asking you all to close your eyes and imagine the taste of ‘Pepsi’ and try to differentiate it from ‘Coca cola’, what do you feel? Both look alike but are they really same? Does it takes a lot of time for us to differentiate between the two? I don’t think so, it is just a matter of time! Now what we see is that two so similar looking brands differ so greatly that with just a sip of it, we know what is it! We with our strong perception of things are able to distinguish the more sweeter and less fizzy ‘Pepsi’ from the more tangy and fizzier ‘Coca cola’! This is because when we see an object, the moment we experience it, we associate it with certain features and this is how branding happens.

Branding as I have said before is not just limited to things alone but humans do fall under its clutches. Lets go in for another example, for instance, if I ask you to imagine MR Mahendra Singh Dhoni, what all comes to your mind? A calm, cool and an experienced young man with extraordinary genius and profound wisdom! Am I right? So, what did you do? You just branded the ex captain of team India. Just like MS Dhoni, we too are micro celebrities of our lives and we too are branded all the time.

Personal Branding is to actively and consciously associate yourself with certain qualities that precede your name and becomes ‘YOU’. Just like Business Branding, Personal Branding too fetches us some benefits like we are able to define ourselves which is the first step in building a strong personality and opens the gateway for opportunities and professional invites. The statement we make about ourselves enables us to find a unique place for us in the world of duplicates.

The only path to PERSONAL BRANDING is authenticity and uniqueness which are the fundamental basis of it and determine the quality of brand called YOU.


The word stands for being true to yourself. Authenticity is searching the real you beneath the heap of characteristics people throw at us freely, it is the mild boundary between what we know about ourselves and what the world wants us to know about ourselves. It is the distinction between what we wish to do and what world wants us to do! All the success stories across the globe shout that when we know ourselves, what we really are and what we intend to do, there is absolutely no force stronger than this that can make a person successful! The moment we decide to be our true self, we automatically come in sync with our unique self and we become one of a kind!


Branding happens both in offline and online space. To become our authentic self is not an easy job as we are often affected by the world we live in but it is the only way to success if we wish to create a powerful brand. Here are a few tips which might help us in achieving authenticity in our offline space:

1 . Ask yourself what you really wished to do if there were no social obligations that now decide the course of your life

2 . Ask yourself what is your vision even if it sounds unrealistic

3 . Ask yourself what unique skills you possess

4 . If the skills you possess are not unique, ask yourself that how can you use them differently

5 . Form a philosophy for life and define your values and ideals and believe in them wholeheartedly

6 . Reflect your values in your action, behaviour and gestures

7 . Define your goal and try achieving it with values you have based your life on

8 . Form genuine relationships with people and maintain consistency

9 . Maintain consistency of behaviour, action and thought

10 . Keep your eyes firm on the destination but don’t question the various paths that lead to it, learn about each , change directions but not the destination

11 . Do the same thing but in your own unique way

12 . Do or say things which are needed


When you are creating an authentic version of you, then you cannot afford to be two different people at two different times or in two different spaces, so its very necessary for us that our professional and personal life must reflect the same ‘YOU’. Authenticity on Social Media is when your profile wall reflects your life as closely as possible. Here are a few tips one can adopt to create an authentic image on social media:

1 . Use your authentic name, place and date of birth while making a profile

2 . Create a unique and authentic profile name which must be logical, short and in some way connected with your idea

3. Share your likes and dislikes openly and the movements or events you support

4 . Say things you actually believe in and support those things which you associate with and not just supporting it just because others did so

5 . Have an authentic profile picture

6. Have a say on things you have an expertise in! Also go for blogging or other form of expression like making videos and so on

7 . Be consistent in your expression and differentiate your work from others

8 . Improve your visibility by expressing your genuine and new ideas on platforms like LINKEDIn which provides ample of opportunities for us to grow

Whether it be online or offline branding, personal branding cannot be achieved without the framework of authenticity because authenticity brings us in sync with our unique mission and label us with immortal and perennial characteristics which are totally ours and no one shares with us. Our visions vary drastically and so are ideas and we. So the strategy used by one is not a sure path to success, if it suits one it doesnt mean that it might suit all. If our dreams are not alike then why should our actions be? If we are not alike then why should our ideas be? The only road that guarantee you success is the path of authenticity and also the most fundamental process when it comes to Personal Branding.

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Branding is in the air, beware!!

Personal Branding is everyone’s cup of tea and is not just about Actors or Politicians or Businessmen. It is more common than we think. You know what is the difference between a doctor and a patient? both have a fine body system, both pump blood but one takes a breath without being conscious of it and the other knows the process by heart. Now who is at the advantage? Or who can do self care? We all know the answer well, its the doctor! And now answer me that who will run for help in all directions? Yes, ofcourse, its the patient. That is exactly the difference between a person who is ignorant of Branding and a person who knows it well.
Branding happens with each one of us, some remain ignorant towards it while others are much aware of it and become masters of their lives. ‘Branding’ appears to be a commercial term and is like an iceberg, what appears on the surface appears light and superficial but it is deep as hell. I realised lately that ‘branding’ is not just a part of our life but is deep rooted phenomenon and comes out in each word that pours down from your mouth.

Lets take a drive towards ‘Astrology’, the moment we were born, do you remember we being handed over a character certificate by the universe which we call the ‘Janampatri’, just kidding! It makes our life so easy, all steps laid down for us, “at 3 you will walk, at 5 you will talk, at 7 you will dance and at 21 this and at 22 that.” Does it sounds familiar? Jokes apart, it is a valid, authentic and scientific piece of information which at the end of the day might fetch a husband or a wife for you! Are you with me on this? Now lets take a step back, just relax yourself and think about it, what exactly happened with you? The shocking truth is that universe just branded you! Oh my gosh, if universe is doing this to you then spare us guys, for we are just humans!

Lets spare ‘Personal Branding’ for a while because till the time we haven’t tasted branding, we can never understand the true essence of Personal Branding. A large number of us are alien to this process and we are dealing with it, each day and that too ignorantly. The moment we start talking about branding, people start coming up with things like “spare this talk for professionals for we are common people who have nothing to do with brand”  and they put a full stop before things actually begin. The truth is that Branding is shaping our destiny, every single day and we are nodding in ignorance!

When I started becoming conscious of ‘Branding’, I felt transformed and I realized how it was controlling my life up till now. My face, my choices and even my goals were branded by others! The other day I was talking about the increasing number of molestation cases against women and the high vulnerability of women in India, when suddenly out of no where, I heard these words “You are a feminist, don’t you see bad things happening with men out there”. The moment I heard this, I knew I was being branded, everyone would view me in the sane light because that day that girl was painting a false image of mine for other people to see, I sprung up and told her that I was just a common person with a fine sense of judgement who with help of stats could easily weigh the difference in abuse rate of men and women. I told her that I don’t have to be a feminist to see the difference that was obvious. You may wonder what this has to do with personal branding? Wait for a while and you will know what I am talking about. The moment I realized that I was being branded, I decided to refuse the tags which people were throwing at me passively and all of them were going unchecked. That day I decided that I will create my own tags for others to see! I wanted to put out my authentic self and from then, I took charge of my branding by becoming conscious of it and this is my friend, the very moment I met ‘Personal Branding’ face to face.

Branding can control your life to the extent of suffocation. Never underestimate its power. On the other hand, Personal Branding can transform your life in unexpected ways. The other day I was listening to a mystic who beautifully explained the science of Astrology which though authentic is a default map of our lives. It is just like those passive tags people throw at us. If we don’t change the system or put our own program into it, we would be governed by the planet system. The default branding of the universe will carry us throughout our lives. The idea is to take the drivers seat and since branding can never stop, so keep on being branded but doing it actively by throwing out what you wish to take in! If you are satisfied with the passive branding whose victim you already are, then your life will be in hands of people who brand you but the moment you take charge of your own personal branding, then you will make other people see what you want them to see! Don’t let branding control you, be the boss of your own life and make people see or hear what you wish them to see or hear!