Best Selling Book from Nandita Pandey

Two things remain irreversible – time and a first impression. Appearance plays a major role in creating that first impression as it speaks about you, even before you start the conversation. Thus, it is important that you make ‘your appearance’ speak in your favour to project a winning image. This book gives the science behind the art of dressing. It contains easy and do-able, steps and secrets to help men and women in business and corporates to present themselves appropriately, confidently and successfully in any professional situation.
Dressology strategically nudges you toward working on yourself to create an influential brand. It will also show you how to package yourself in a way that keeps people thinking about it long after you leave the room.
Nandita believes, as an entrepreneur/corporate leader, your business is a direct result of your passion, drive and initiative. With such high stakes, the pressure to build a brand-centric organization and create a meaningful narrative has never been more important.
So, her techniques are refreshingly counterculture, meaning- her insights go against the “If you’re not exhausted, you’re probably not working hard enough” mindset we’re sold so often and it will help you find clarity on how to build a powerful brand.
Reading any book is an investment on your part. But if you’re trying to find an enjoyable way to boost your career and if you’re the type of person with one thousand interests – and an equally scattered personal brand, this book is for you.

Media Coverage – Indian Express dated 16th Jan 2018, about the book “Dressology” by Nandita Pandey